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Prices Effective June 14, 2021
Precios A Partir del 14 de Junio 2021
Non Commercial Motorcycle, Car, Truck
Non Commercial 2 Axle
Commercial 2 Axle
Commercial 3 Axle
Commercial 4 Axle
Commercial 5 Axle
Commercial 6 Axle
Commercial 5,6 Axle Over
Commercial Overweight
Commercial Double Empty
Commercial Double Loaded
Pedestrian $1.00


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The Bridge & Import Lot

The Starr-Camargo Bridge serves as the most direct and efficient route between the Rio Grande Valley and Mexican cities such as Monterrey and Mexico City.

The two-lane bridge, opened in 1966, is 591 feet long. The crossing is also known locally as Puente Camargo.  The bridge is privately owned by the Starr Camargo Bridge Company.

After a $25 million dollar investment, Starr-Camargo Bridge has a large parking import lot for commercial trucks, hi-tech equipment, wider roads and a number of diverse improvements that have made it the crossing with the fastest processing time in all of South Texas.

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