Starr-Camargo Bridge Growth

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Starr-Camargo Bridge has seen a 115% surge in commercial traffic since 2009. This upward shift is primarily a result of a combination of new and longstanding carriers that cater to developing specialized markets. The continued growth has created numerous challenges that can be addressed with minimal investment and maximization of current resources.

The number of inspectors at the port of entry does not reflect the demand and traffic being generated and has resulted in the transporting of CBP agents from the Pharr POE.

• Assign a Supervisory Agricultural Specialist to the port, while placing and emphasis on improving the working relationship between CBP and USDA that results in collaborative pest identification authority and training for agriculture specialists.

• Proceed with Reinstatement of Cargo Release Authority for CBPAS and develop pilot programs that would allow for the establishment of pest identification substations at ports of entry and create continuing education opportunities with local colleges and/or universities for additional staff training.

The number of tractor trailers that can be off loaded and the amount of time required to complete inspections is not meeting the current demands. The port is designed with a dock capacity of 10, but the space is not being utilized efficiently and is insufficient to meet the needs of the growing traffic.


• Expand dock facility to allow more trucks to be examined
• Assign more personnel to assist and expedite the inspection process

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