Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

Agriculture items are prohibited if they can carry plant pest or animal diseases.

Fruits and Vegetables
All fruit not on the permitted list below is prohibited. Sugarcane is prohibited. Potatoes are prohibited, including Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams. (Exceptions: Cooked potatoes are permitted. Avocados without seeds are permitted, except in California)
Plants, Seeds, and Soil
Plants and seeds require special permits. Soil and some plants are prohibited. Check in advance with agriculture inspectors. (Exception: Some dried plant parts, such as for medicinal purposes, are permitted.)
Meat and Game
Pork-raw and cooked, including sausages, cold cuts, skins, and pork tacos, is prohibited. (Exceptions: Shelf-stable, canned pork and hard cooked pork skins [cracklings] are permitted.)
Raw meat from both domesticated and game fowl is prohibited. (Exception: Thoroughly cooked poultry is permitted.) Game-Check with agriculture inspectors in advance. Other restrictions may apply; check in advance with agriculture inspectors.
Prohibited. (Exceptions: Boiled and cooked eggs are permitted.)
Live Birds
Wild and domesticated birds, including poultry, are prohibited. To import personally owned pet birds, contact agriculture inspectors in advance.
Generally prohibited. This include wheat straw, seeds, animal feed, and all articles made from this material.


Permitted Items

In addition to the items listed, many agriculture items are permitted if they pass inspection to be sure they are free of pest, soil, and sand.

Fruit and Vegetables
Permitted fruits are bananas, blackberries, cactus fruits, dates, dewberries, grapes, lemons (sour), leeches, melons, papayas, pineapples, and strawberries. Vegetables are permitted, except for those on the prohibited list above. Okra, however, is subject to certain restrictions.
Permitted items are acorns, almonds, cocoa beans, chestnuts, coconuts (Without husks or milk), peanuts, pecans, pinons (pinenuts), tamarind beans, walnuts, and waternuts.

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